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About Us

Founded in 2008 and established in Byron Bay 2010,

we have been turning people on to their Essence and the tantra of Ra and MU for over a decade


We believe in a supreme Creator Consciousness, the Catalyst behind the creation of all life everywhere

and we call this consciousness RA

We also connect with the planetary consciousness we love and live on, MU


We find spiritual sustenance and rejuvenation from the union of their tantra,

the practice of which is called RAMUtet


We use this energy to enhance our physical mental and emotional wellbeing and also

to heal and assist for the highest good of all, our community, country and planet


The tenets has its roots in Hermetica, which is often sighted as a precursor to Christianity,

Animism, which perceives all things imbued with consciousness, the Essence of RA

and collective memories of the Lineage of RA who awaken to their truth and embody Essence 

Connect with us


SNAIL MAIL: P.O.Box 2386 Byron Bay NSW 2481

Phone; +61 412 400 085

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